Proactive Measures

We believe that an employer's best defense is to take steps to prevent employment claims  
and litigation from ever arising.  In that light, our attorneys provide training and consultation  
on a variety of matters, including: workplace harassment ; discipline and documentation;  
conducting investigations; drafting of handbooks and policies; drug and background
screening; wage and hour matters; and ERISA claims administration.

We also keep clients and other employers up-to-date
on some of the latest legal developments
through our blog and through
seminars around the state.
Bogoslavsky Law Firm
a Professional Limited Liability Company
Litigation When Necessary

While we try to help clients avoid litigation, the fact is that "anyone can sue anyone, as long
as they have a filing fee."  When clients are involved in litigation, the attorneys of
Bogoslavsky Law Firm attempt to resolve matters quickly and  cost effectively.  We believe in
a strong motion practice to either resolve the lawsuit completely or limit the issues that will
be presented at trial.
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